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swim hall abandoned

My nostrils filled with chlorine and the shattered glass cracked under my feet as I entered the abandoned Pankow Swim Hall. Abandoned since the turn of the Millenium, it now lies ruined beyond repair, open to the elements.

We see famous Berlin graffiti artists such as Tobo gracing the walls but otherwise, as the pool is so open, tagging by teenagers has taken over. The vibe at this abandoned place is on the sadder side, as we would say in the urbex community it is definitely ‘over’. With the plan to demolish the building in 2021 this could not be more true.

Verlassene Schwimmhalle Pankow
tobo graffiti artist

Stranded Swimmers

The swim hall was opened in 1975 after 12 months of construction as part of Freibad Pankow. It was designed by architect Gunther Derdau who had worked on many swim halls in East Berlin. This one, however, was to be the largest.

The indoor swimming area consisted of a 25-meter swimming pool with five lanes, an additional 100 m² pool, and a teaching pool with a depth of up to 1.20 m. The basement housed the changing rooms, shower rooms, and a sauna/leisure area.

Pankow Swimhalle was then bought by the Berliner Bäderbetriebe in 1996. The plan was to renovate the indoor and outdoor pools but the indoor one had proved to be too expensive to move forward with.

abandoned swim hall berlin
abandoned swim hall pool berlin
Verlassene Schwimmhalle Pankow

Future Plans for Pankow Swim Hall

In 2018 the council proposed to turn the site into baths, a primary school and a playground, however, the planning permission required for this was quite complicated. There were concerns regarding noise and contamination. The new build was planned to begin in 2021 and was set to cost 42million euros to complete. According to the district office, due to the growing population in Pankow, these extra facilities are necessary.

abandoned swimming pool toilets
abandoned swimming pool berlin
abandoned swim hall pankow

If you like reading about abandoned places or even just checking out the pictures then take a look at some of my other adventures documented on this blog, you can find them here.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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