The Forgotten Train Station of the River Mosel

Nature has taken over at the abandoned Hatzenport train station in Rhine-land Palatinate. Placed perfectly between the Mosel River and the railway line, it was once a busy spot for travellers. In 2005, the old railway station was sadly replaced by a new structure closer to the town of Hatzenport. The new station was more convenient for the tourists passing through.

Verlassener Hatzenport Bahnhof
forgotten Train Station River Mosel Rhineland

Built in the 1800’s around a kilometre outside of the town, the abandoned train station consists of a ticketing office and a larger structure next to it which resembles a sort of half-way house. Both buildings have now crumbled into disrepair and serve as lodgings for families of birds and other wildlife.

Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof Outside
Abandoned Train Station River Mosel Inside
Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof Inside hall
Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof door

Getting into abandoned places that are not very secure is always daunting, it seems almost too inviting. In this forgotten buildings case, there was a very deceptive floor in the main hallway. It looked as if it were intact, however, one foot on the floorboards confirmed it was in fact floating. With a 15ft drop below this could be a sticky situation for any urban explorer. Especially in such a remote location. The stairs were rotten and groaning under our feet and the ceiling dripped rainwater onto our heads. What was particularly beautiful was the view of the vineyards and the river from the upstairs rooms. An attraction within itself with plenty of daylight pouring in.

Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof stairs
forgotten Hatzenport Bahnhof Inside
Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof upstairs
Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof bathroom upstiars
forgotten Hatzenport train station inside

It was a strange feeling standing between the active railway line with brand new trains flying by and the River Mosel with its large ships heading through. The train station has just been left and forgotten, like so many structures in Germany. The nosey tourists on the train gawked at us in the windows as they made their way to Hatzenport. Sleepy truck drivers snoozed on the side road – it certainly was not a hard place to enter. In fact, there was actually nothing stopping any curious explorer from wandering in.

Abandoned Hatzenport Bahnhof view
Abandoned Train Station River Mosel upstairs
Verlassener Hatzenport Bahnhof upstairs

The ticket office was my favourite building, it looked so creepy yet beautiful in the same breath. Inside it was modest and only had one room with an attached toilet. Outside to keep it company was the old train stop shelter with one lonely chair still waiting to be sat on. It was hard to even imagine what it might once have looked like. The forgotten station seemed so odd perched on the edge of the line without any fencing.

forgotten Hatzenport Bahnhof Stop
forgotten Hatzenport Bahnhof ticket office
forgotten Hatzenport Bahnhof ticket office electrics

Tourist-o-metre: 5/10

We saw another photographer who arrived as we were leaving. Apart from that people seem to be completely unphased by the train station. Who would blame them? With the many castles and vineyards littered around the station why would they care?

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Disclaimer: I do not claim to have ever trespassed on this property nor do I condone doing so. 

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