Travel Nightmares – Losing a Tooth

It had been tough few months. My ex-boyfriend had reported me to immigration (the gem that he was), and as a result, I had had to leave my apartment, my dream job, my friends and my whole life in wonderful Sydney, Australia. Losing a tooth was pretty much the icing on the disgusting cake that was my life.

I would like to tell you a really cool story about how it happened, like how a kangaroo kicked me in the face or how I was bungee jumping off the Harbour Bridge and accidentally took a bite out of a passing Great White but unfortunately It was nowhere near that cool. In fact, it was the opposite of cool.

It happened while I was sitting on the bus eating a really hard granola bar of the nutty variety, although, I was in the desert at the time so I guess this adds a certain level of street cred to my injury. I had a sinus infection so the split tooth did not really register, my whole face was in pain (not sure why I thought the granola bar was a good food choice). By the time I visited the dentist, it could not be saved – because life couldn’t get any crueler.

Newly single, homeless, jobless and now toothless I did the only thing I could and went and had adventures to leave my sorrows behind. Back to reality, it turns out getting a tooth replaced is a pretty pricey affair, so after two years of looking like an advert for gum disease and scaring small children on public transport, I am finally starting the costly process of replacing my tooth.

Nobody supported my idea for a silver tooth (I felt this more reflected my personality) so I think I will have to settle on boring porcelain. Although I will miss scaring small children, and pretending to be a pirate.

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