VIP at Melt Festival 2017, Berlin

Melt Festival is an epic three day EDM festival on the outskirts of Berlin, Germany that has been going since 1997. Melt is one of the biggest open-air electronic music festivals in the country and each year 20,000 music fans flock to the Ferropolis open-air museum where the festival takes place. My partner and I were on a press mission to research the venue so had a tour of backstage and VIP tickets.


This years Melt Festival saw acts such as Die Antwoord, Dixon, M.I.A Fatboy Slim, Soulwax and many more. VIP tickets give you a quiet camping spot away from the madness, clean private bathrooms in the arena (even with soap!) and a private bar and viewing area. It was definitely worth having VIP to get a good view and better drinks options too however unlike many British festivals I have attended the Germans were on point with the toilet care!


Ferropolis means “the city of iron” and the museum home to many industrial machines from the mid twentieth century. The music festival carves it’s way through the museum making use of all these old machines and in some cases even hanging disco balls from them!


The venue makes great use of shipping containers and the artists even get their own shipping container room as pictured above. The area is vast and there are many stages to choose from, one was in a wooded area, another was out by the lake so there is a completely different feel at each one and different music styles.


Food and drink options were incredibly diverse with an array of companies from pasta to waffles – they had it all! The whole festival is cashless and works with loading up your wristband with credit, this can then be used at any stand throughout the festival. It’s an incredibly smart, safe and convenient way to carry your money around, and you can’t lose your wristband without cutting it off – great for clumsy people like me…


I hope you enjoyed reading about our PR VIP trip to Melt Festival, this festival is definitely worth experiencing especially for the venue and atmosphere, it was completely different to any other festival I have experienced, if you want to learn more then follow the links below, there may also be some other posts that interest you!

Outfit Details
Sunglasses: Tijn Eyewear
Shorts: Topshop
Boots: Hunter

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