Wat Intharawihan, Bangkok

Wat Intharawihan
Wat Intharawihan
Wat Intharawihan

Wat Intharawihan is a unique and beautiful temple located in Bangkok, Thailand. What makes it so unique is the 105 ft gold Buddha. Construction began in 1867 and took sixty years to complete. It was actually a temple that I was not aware of before visiting Thailand and did not seem touristy at all, more so a place of worship, as it should be.

The Buddha statue is made of brick and stucco, decorated in glass mosaic tiles and is gilded with 24-carat gold. Ajon Toh, the then Abbott (administrator of Wat Intharawihan) was the inspiration in which to build it. Sadly he died at the foot of the Buddha in 1871 when it was still under construction.

Wat Intharawihan
Wat Intharawihan

Buddha taught that all living beings, including the animal realm, possess Buddha’s nature and because of this can attain enlightenment. To harm or kill a living being is against the first rule – monks are forbidden from intentionally killing any animal. When going to the Buddhist temples you will notice many animals around. As an animal lover, this made the temples even more beautiful to me.


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