Whale Watching, Sydney

It will be a short post this week however a deserved one! I had always dreamed of seeing whales in their natural habitat. I was thrilled when I realised that the balcony of my new apartment which faced the ocean was a direct window to their migration path. Occasionally there would be a puff of water and air shooting up and you knew it was whale season.


I think that the most entertaining part of this whole experience was what happened before hand. I had gotten a ferry from Manly to Circular Quay and having had a heavy night the night before and about fifteen minutes to spare I decided to treat myself to a triple sausage McMuffin. I thought I would eat it next to the dock that I was leaving from which was conveniently situated opposite the Opera House. As I pulled my treat out of its wrapper and went to take a bite, out of nowhere a seagull plonked itself on my head, leaned forward and pinched my entire burger out of my hands. Before I could even blink the burger had flown into the air and was gone before it even hit the ground. I was now surrounded by a huge flock of seagulls, a family also waiting instructed their five year old to zoom through them all and scare them off whilst openly laughing at me. The worst part was that I then had to spend the next four hours on a boat with no food.


Finding the whales actually took a lot longer than I thought and it was a long boat ride before we all spotted the plumes of water being exhaled by the whales. The ones that we spotted were humpback wales and they were traveling with young which was very exciting. There were many boats out at the same time which felt a big aggressive however the whales did not seem to be phased.


I was expecting to see wales breaching out of the water all over the place however we learnt that not every whale does this and that you would need to be lucky to see it.  I counted myself lucky enough to see one of the whales flick their tail out of the water which you can see pictured below.


That concludes my post about whale watching in Sydney, it’s a long morning however worth it when you see the whales. I would love to see pictures anyone had managed to get of a breaching whale on their travels. I never really thought about this but instead of air, cartoon whales always have water coming out of their blow hole. I will leave you with that thought.

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