Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Whitsundays had always been a much talked about part of any backpackers travels around Australia so I finally bit the bullet and decided to take this rite of passage. As I mentioned in my post about Day Dream Island I went with the company Top Deck as this worked out at a really good price for the over night yacht stay and gave me the chance to meet some like minded people.


We awoke on the yacht after a night of ciders and rough waters. The night light on the boat had attracted many fish and several large sharks to entertain us and the crew told us stories of their sailing trips. Waking up on a top bunk without being able to sit up really made me feel claustrophobic along with Charlotte neatly tucked in beside me.

I imagined in my head that we would just pull up onto this breathtaking beach however it involved a dingy ride from our yacht to the shore and a trek through the forest to get there which I was definitely not prepared for. At the top of  Hill Inlet you get the most magnificent view of Whitehaven Beach and according to our guides it never looks the same as it changes with the tide.


Whitehaven Beach has been voted the best beach in Australia and fifth best in the world although I will always love Cape Le Grand for me it’s less touristy and more real. The sand on Whitsundays is so fine it can be used to clean your silver jewelry and apparently even your teeth although I was not so quick to try this one.  The tour guides warned us it would get into cameras and phones so take extra care and I could definitely see why according to Hamilton Island its 98 per cent pure white silica, which gives it a brilliant, near luminescent colour.


We all had a lot of fun on this beach, being a big group people had a lot of different ideas and games to play on the beach. Some people sunbathed, others cartwheeled down the beach. We were lucky enough to have travel blogger Polka Dot Passport on the tour who was shooting the new brochure for Topdeck so this helped with getting everyone involved, be impressed by our human pyramid pictured below.


You can visit this beach on a day trip from one of the many surrounding islands and even Airlie Beach however I would highly recommend the stay on the yacht, it’s a unique experience especially if like me you have not spent a lot of time on luxury water vessels. Although I did not enjoy the sea legs afterwards, Charlotte a lot less as she seemed to have them for days.


After the amazing trip to the beach we stopped of at a few snorkeling points and a few of us relaxed on the deck drinking cider and sunbathing, we had previously been on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef so were a bit snorkeled out. The crew cooked us an amazing lunch and even made a cake for one of the girls for her birthday. Where can I get a crew of men like this for my house?


That’s the end of my post about the Whitsunday Islands I would like to credit Polka Dot Passport for the group images. The girls on this trip were amazing and so much fun, I would love to go on another adventure with them hopefully one day in the future, we were all kindred spirits, wandering souls in the big wide world.

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